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Mishka Holiday Release 2012 -

Mishka are back with a collection, which in our opinion, is the strongest we have seen in a long time. Sticking with their roots with some solid Graphic Tees from the Likes of Lamour Supreme, and continuing to put themselves out there with some extreme custom patterns. The likes of the Vision Quest Shirt and 5-Panel hint at exactly what Mishka are capable of in the Cut & Sew game, then they blow everyone out of the water with this seasons Varsity Jacket. Initially, some of the prices seem pretty steep, but when you look at the quality of the products and the time and effort that has gone into designing them, they are worth every penny.

They do, of course, bring their A game with Headwear once again with personal favourites like the Keep Watch Safari Bobble Hat and Cyrillic Script Snapback glueing together a really solid collection.

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